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A visual novel utilizing mixed media artwork.

Play as Dreygan, a teenage boy who has something quite shocking happen to him and is surrounded by boys who want to date him...?! The game has a bit of a light-hearted feel, but very briefly mentions topics such as abuse, suicide and incest. These themes are unapologetically presented but not condoned. Their assessment and analysis is left up to the individual player.

(Full version now available!!!!)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsCrime, Cute, Dark, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, mind-bending, moe


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I was very thoroughly disturbed by this. Thanks. (This was actually like really cool tho)


Aw, thank you for playing! That's good it was still cool, at least!!


  So I typed in "worst dating sim" and got this, thanks itch.io for the recs. As soon as I saw it I wanted to play it.

  You're fantastic at setting a seriously unsettling tone right off the bat! Your choice of using actual physical mixed media and music straight out of a drug addict's conciousness mixed together into a really sickening cocktail. Even if it's a "simple renpy visual noooooooooovellll", you've made something that's sticking with me. I would like to see you make more works in the future. I am not typing anymore because the butter yellow on offensively bright blue background is frying my retinas. Keep up the amazing work.


Haha, I noticed that someone had found it by searching for that and I felt quite honored/even out of place for it! Thanks for looking past its worst-ness, hahaha.

Thank you for the kind words! I've been working on the full version of the game a lot recently, so it should be something to look out for, soonish. I'm really glad you liked it! (sorry for your fried retinas, though...)

 I had been interested in playing the games the group you're part of had came out with myself, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I will definitely have to do so now!

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i shit you not this has been the first fictional content  in a loooong time that's got me thinking p much about it even  some days after playing it, even felt a little sick physically ??? 

but like YEAH I really really really liked the story and the characters, even the art style felt pretty special,  the soundtracks were fitting enough, I liked everything a lot. the only thing that I'd have to point out is that most of the endings felt a little rushed in ?? but idk if that's just because this is a demo or something


ANYWAYS I'm totally looking forwards more of your games or whatever else you do, good job, keep it up! :) 


Thank you very much for comment! It means a lot to me that it was liked (though I'm sorry it made you feel sick!). The creation process has been slow lately, but you've definitely inspired me to work towards a full version. The endings were intentionally rushed and unfulfilling feeling, as I had a hard time imagining most of the characters reacting positively towards romantic advances at the point where I placed them. I will most likely make them make a little more sense later on. (Though I guess  I plan on making a majority of the rest of the game about Dreygan and Slate (because that's the "correct" pairing...))

Thank you again! It means a lot to see my project could have reached someone positively.